CR biomed was created by grouping entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals, academic members, and both public and private sector representatives, to promote and optimize the biotechnology, medical devices, and life sciences sectors in Costa Rica.

Why CR biomed?

  • We are the common voice of the life sciences sector.
  • We promote the development of the sector through the promotion of collaboration, technology transfer and information sharing among the cluster members and related entities.
  • We represent Costa Rica in the most important international events of the sector, facilitating the access to international markets for the participants of the local industry.
  • We provide preferential access to training and networking activities organized by the cluster.

Our core values

  • Teamwork: To achieve common interests.
  • Innovation: To work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Internationalization: To comply with international procedures and promote competitiveness.
  • Cooperation: To improve strategic alliances. 

Our allies

We work very closely with leading organizations and academic institutions in Costa Rica, including:

  1. PROCOMER (Foreign trade promotion agency)
  2. CINDE (Foreign investment promotion agency)
  3. TEC (Technological institute of Costa Rica
  4. ASEBIO (Biology Association)
  5. Embassy of the Netherlands
  6. CENAT (High-tech Center in Costa Rica)

These organizations contribute with the development of the biotechnology and medical devices industries in the country.


Optimize the business ecosystem in regards of the Costa Rican biotech sector.


Upgrade Costa Rica to the global biotech value chains.