Call for Agriculture Ventures

Our focus on creating ventures within bioregions, to deliver restorative cultivation outcomes.

We are currently recruiting people with specialist domain knowledge to co-found agritech companies focused on solving the problems facing tropical bioregions.

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The Tropical Agriculture & Bioeconomy Initiative (TABI) is our first foray into delivering these outcomes within tropical bioregions. While based in Costa Rica, the 12 different climate zones in the country are representative of the larger neotropics of Latin America and other tropical zones around the world and contain perhaps as much as 5% of the planet’s biodiversity.
We’ve partnered with prominent partners within Costa Rica, including Fundación CRUSACINDEEARTH UniversityCR Biomed and CATIE, to create ventures focused on adapting crops to climate change, next-generation plant breeding for circular traits, biomass conversion, and composite wood materials. These fast-growing companies will be designed to rapidly scale beyond the borders of the nation that they start in, from day one. 

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