Join us

Join us

These are the requirements that must be met to apply for a CR biomed membership:

  • Adhere to the values of the association.
  • Participate in the development of some of the life sciences sectors.
  • Being an active member and having an economic interest in the high technology life sciences sectors ((Biotechnology in all its areas: medical devices, human pharma, animal pharma, biodiversity, waste management, food technology, and the environment).

Membership types

Full Membership

  • Right to voice and vote
  • Responsibility to lead a specialized working group on behalf of the association
  • Right to promote and participate in projects
  • Discounts on activities organized by the association
  • Access to technical information
  • Annual investment: US $ 1,200

Affiliated Membership

  • Right to voice without right to vote
  • Discounts on activities organized by the association
  • Access to general information
  • Chance of receiving invitations to participate in working groups on behalf of the association
  • Annual investment: US $ 650

Solicitud de membresía/Membership application

Gracias por su interés en convertirse en obtener una membresía de CR biomed / Thanks for your interest on becoming a member of CR biomed

Su información Your information
Su solicitud / Your application
Sus datos serán utilizados para tramitar su solicitud. Por favor tome en cuenta que: 1. Las empresas miembras de la Junta Directiva de CR biomed tendrán acceso a esta información para los fines antes mencionados. 2. Ninguno de esos datos se utilizará con fines comerciales. 3. Se respetarán los derechos establecidos en la Ley de Protección de la Persona frente al tratamiento de sus datos personales de Costa Rica. Your data will be used to process your request. Please take into account that: 1. The member companies of the Board of Directors of CR biomed will have access to this information for the aforementioned purposes. 2. None of this data will be used for commercial purposes. 3. The rights established in Costa Rican law for data protection will be guaranteed.